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Choosing the right niche for your Amazon Affiliate website can be hard. 

That’s why we created Nichewolf – an easy-to-use niche idea generator and keyword discovery tool. Unlike other tools (like Keyword Planner), you don’t need to enter any keywords to start! With the click of a button, you can start generating niche ideas for your next site.

Our database is filled with thousands of niche ideas, business ideas, e-commerce products, hobbies, sports, and activities. Most of the keywords have some sort of buyer’s intent associated with them. For example – “Best Nerf Gun”, “Top Parasailing Gear”, or “Dartboard Reviews”.

Can’t think of any words to enter into Keyword Planner? That’s where Nichewolf really shines. It’s the perfect companion tool to any keyword research tool you already use.

Never run out of ideas again!

How It Works


Click Find A Niche at the top of the screen.


Tap Suggest Niche to display 10 results at a time. 


Compare, contrast, and generate as many niche ideas as you want!

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I’ve already found a few promising keywords for my next site. Great tool!Samuel Funt,
My readers loved this. Really helped them brainstorm keywords.Jeff Sauer,
Simple and easy to use.Chris Arnell, @MrChrisArnell
I can already tell this is going to be big.Matthew Barby,
The most fun you’ll have coming up with niche ideas.Josh Braaten,
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